“not too little, not too much, just right”

Thinking about: LAGOM The Swedish Art of Balanced Living by Linnea Dunne

Great book, worth the £3 just for the art work.

Benefits of Lagom

  • Physical Space (minimal design)
  • Mental Space (balanced life)
  • Improved Finances (not materialistic)
  • A Sense of Belonging (community orientated)

Living Lagom

I try to balance work and life. Work took over for a while but having kids helps keep the focus on a balance. 

Home made chandelier with 40 tea light lanterns, replaces the tradition fire place.

Would have loved the paternity working rights in Sweden 3 months off for each parent. Vard av barn, paid time off to look after sick kids.

Eating Lagom

fredagsmys, simple, easy and cosy Friday nights. We might take this too far Friday nights to Sunday nights are relaxed and cosy for us.

Fika, Coffee breaks at work where time is taken out to connect with colleagues. Could do it better at the weekends with friends and cakes.

Trying to grow our own vegetables and herbs. Have a break from this while re-landscaping the garden. 


Woodwork as a hobby and building my own furniture.

Lagom for the Planet