None of this has been tried yet but from various sources I have created this list:

Once you have telescope the next task will be finding objects in the sky.
Book: Turn left at Orion seems to get good reviews and is recommend on several sites.
Software: Stellarium is free software for most major OS platforms. This will create maps of the sky.

To start Capturing images with a DSLR you will need a t-ring (about £15), this connects to you DSLR instead of a lens. This gives you a t-thread. Some telescopes like skywatcher dobsoians offer a direct connection (t-ring to telescope) others will require a t-adaper which will be 2” or 1.25” to a t-thread.

t-ring:    DSLR     -> t-thread (manufacturer specifc)
t-adapter: t-thread -> 2" or 1.25" eyepiece
t-adapter may not be required if telescope offers direct connection.

Digital cameras tend to suffer from noise during long exposures, image stacking is a technique using multiple images added together to give good exposure while avoiding long exposure noise. Lightroom is my favourite image management/editing toll and image stack is possible with the Enfuse plug-in.

The Stargazers Lounge looks like a good forum for asking questions and reading beginner articles.