Available to buy from Dale Photographic or WEX.

Hoods or lens shades help improve contrast by stopping out of frame light source entering the lens. LEE filters are square filters that can be used for effects or managing dynamic range, however as they mount in front of the lens with a holder you can no longer use your lenses standard hood. LEE have a standard, universal and wide angle hoods available.

LEE do not provide many specs for the hood on their website. To help others decide if this is right for them I have included measurements and pictures of mine in different configurations.


Width x Height:
External: 21cm x 16cm
Internal: 18cm x 13.5cm

LEE Wide Filter, A5 Comparison

Double slotted : 4cm    (Use 5/8" Screws)  
Single slot    : 3.75cm (Use 3/8" Screws)  
No slot        : 3.5cm  (Use 1/4" Screws)  

Lee Wide Angle Hood, 2 Slots Depth 4cm

Lee Wide Angle Hood, 1 Slot Depth 3.75cm

LEE Wide Hood, No Slots Depth 3.5cm

Hood Only (No slots or clip):

Min Expansion : 2.5cm
Max Expansion : 11cm

Lee Wide Angle Hood, 2 Slots

Lee Wide Angle Filter, 2 Slots expanded


Back of slot next to Hood, LEE Logo facing clip, Last slot has blank plate on top covering the logo.

Order is: Clip, plate, slot, slot, Hood.

LEE Hood, Clip, 2 Slots

LEE Hood, slots (2) removed from hood and clip

LEE Wide Angle Hood, Clip and slots removed

Available to buy from Dale Photographic or WEX.