The metadata panel in Lightroom has always felt a little crowded to me. It shows too many dialog boxes or not the ones I want and have to scroll through many panes.

Since most of my photography is uploaded to flickr there are a few section of metadata which are useful.

I use ‘Job Identifier’ as the shoot name, this is the same as the folder I put my RAW files in. Whe I export this becomes part of the file name. My export file name is ‘morganp-Date (YYYYMMDD)-Job Identifier-Filename’.

Lightroom Export Filename

The title of the image in my flick export is taken from the IPTC ‘title’ . So I really only want these to setting present for my flick exports.

Enter Jeffrey’s “Metadata-Viewer Preset Editor”. This allows you to create custom metadata views with only the fields you require.

Jeffrey's Metadata-Viewer Preset Editor

The minimal view:

Lightroom Library Metadata