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Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3, ISBN 978-1-933952-67-2
Developing Vision and Style, ISBN 978-1-9025 38495
Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, ISBN 978-1934356050
Pragmatic Guide to Git,
The RSpec Book,
Ruby Best Practises,
The Agile Samurai,
jQuery Novice to Ninja,
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming,
Metaprogramming Ruby,

Classic Shell Scripting, ISBN 0-596-00595-4
The Passionate Programmer, ISBN 978-1-934356-34-0

Lightroom 2 Adventure, ISBN 978-0-596-52101-1
Black and White, ISBN 978-1-904705-57-4
First Light, ISBN 1-902538-24-2