Available to buy from WEX. Also see Lee Wide Angle Hood.

Hoods or lens shades help improve contrast by stopping out of frame light source entering the lens. LEE filters are square filters that can be used for effects or managing dynamic range, however as they mount in front of the lens with a holder you can no longer use your lenses standard hood. LEE have a standard, universal and wide angle hoods available.

LEE do not provide many specs for the hood on their website. To help others decide if this is right for them I have included measurements and pictures.

The Standard is the smallest of the three hoods. It actually has a very clever rail system which allows it to be mounted in a slot. When mounted on to a lee adapter ring this sits further back out of the way. All Lee products should have this and there would be no need for a tandem connector.

Filter weigh 150g


Width Height:
External: 13.1cm x 13.1cm
Internal: 11.1cm x 11.1cm

Complete compressed: 3.5cm.

Min expansion

complete    : 4.6cm
hood & mount: 3.6cm
hood only   : 3.1cm

Max Expansion

complete    : 15.0cm
hood & mount: 14.0cm
hood only   : 13.3cm 

This hood is too small for use under 28mm on a full-frame camera.

On a crop sensor it is still good at 16mm

Vignetting examples: Setup for following examples, Canon 6D, wide angle adapter, Lee holder 3 slots (2 for filters, 1 for hood) then universal hood at minimal expansion.

above 16mm full-frame with filter holder

above 20mm full-frame with filter holder

above 24mm full-frame with filter holder

above 28mm full-frame with filter holder