I have written a few command line tools in ruby which I use to perform file system maintenance. Mainly sorting files and applying standard renames, because the the folders I want to sort are always in the same location I do not want to have to remember to run the command in the correct directory so I add the paths explicitly. This creates a problem with uploading to GitHub as other people would then need to modify the script.

Here is a short example of how you can get around it using Environment Variables

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
## Command Line tools can now be portable while working on static folders.

   puts "Add this to ~/.bashrc"
   puts "Or Windows variables"
   puts "export MEDIA_FOLDER='[\"/user/name/Movies\", \"/user/name/TV Shows\"]'"

NB: when using the variables remember that it is a string and not an array. Convert to ruby Array by calling eval on it.

eval(ENV['TEMP_FILES']).each do |x|
   puts x