On the continuous search for a decent ADSL, Router and Wireless access point. I have tried many (unscientifically). Finding that many fall over when used with file sharing, I believe due to the number of connections that the router has to keep track of.

What I want/expect from it is fast reliable coverage through out my home. So far the BT Home Hub 3 has done a pretty good job, but as always could be faster.

Quiet excited to see the BT Home Hub 4 announced and available as a £35 upgrade. Not so sure there is much new in this though, it gets a faster processor but the biggest thing is it is flat. so it goes through your letter box. Version 3 was to cubic in shape so required people to be in for the delivery.

But the day after I found out about this Apple release a range of new wifi products with the 802.11ac. Now I do not have any 802.11ac products but if apple is integrating them into all new products it should not be too long before I have collected a few.

Using the Apple TV to drive secondary monitors over wifi is a nice usage of the protocol, but that would also mean upgrading laptop sooner than I want. The first 802.11n routers (non-apple) always seemed a bit flaky to me, so jumping on the first 802.11ac products might just be heading for trouble.