MacBook3,1 (2007) Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz Hard drive and memory upgraded to 320GB and 4GB

Graphics GMA X3100

State Watts va
Off 1 6
Booting 41 89
Login Screen 15 35
Logging In 31 50
Idle Low Screen Brightness 13 27
Idle High Screen Brightness 17 39
VLC Play Standard Def, Windowed low brightness 18 38
VLC Play Standard Def, Windowed high brightness 22 45
VLC Play Standard Def, Full Screen 19 41
VLC 1080P Windowed or Fullscreen 27 56

All modes are with low screen brightness unless stated.

VLC Memory usage around 50MB to 90MB depending on resolution. Non-default caching options will alter this.

VLC cpu usage 13% to 51% depending on resolution.

OS X base line seems to use about 1.1GB of memory.