After deciding to try out epub on the kindle, as I noticed people are listing epub as an apple format. I thought it was an open version of mobi, for other ebook readers, and since the iPad is good with pdfs did not really think apple would have been to interested.

I noticed in my Dropbox when I first paired it with my PragProg I had only selected pdfs, as I planned to send mobi to my kindle and would only need pdfs portable. Since then I have changed that decision and get all formats delivered to Dropbox. So I thought I would go through my old titles download the missing files and uploaded them to Dropbox. Where they would magically appear on my iPad.

PragProg have done an amazing job with their [Drobbox][] integration, after selecting “Download eBook” just under the format download links is a “Send to Dropbox” which send all the currently selected formats. Brilliant no need for me to download from PragProg and re-upload to Dropbox just to get them onto the ipad, PragProg do all the heavy lifting making it really easy to get their content on to the iPad.